We are here to celebrate and share the extensive mixed-media collection of hypotheses and metaphor from NYC's Narcossist.

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Through art, Narcossist examines the phenomenon of maturation as a metaphorical interpretation of nature, nurture and creativity, tirelessly attempting to ‘counter-cultivate’ style, meaning and intention.

Technically, Narcossist’s mixed media art is visceral and imperfect, filtered through the innocent eyes of a child's point-of-view. It is intentionally naive, illustrating an idiosyncratic view of belief systems established by the art world, religions and brands. Key creative influencers on @narcossist's work include William Burroughs, Maynard James Keenan, George Barker, Kurt Cobain and Kinki Texas.

Narcossist has exhibited at group shows in NYC, and has even translated the executions into street art and murals. The artist studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and most recently worked between New York City and Sao Paolo.

In celebration of Williams' Life and Art. #NarcossistWorld

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Con Artist Collective member Narcossist talks about his transition from London to New York City, his struggle with addiction, and his artist process between the two. ***We're saddened to share that Will passed away Friday night February 24th... RIP brother*** Filmed by Rainer Turim